Alexa [ah-lec-sa]
-adj, v, n, adv

1. A mass of contradictions
2. The feeling you had after your first kiss
3. A pirate from the 1800s
4. Your best friend.
Jan 20

Holy crap, it’s Friday already?? Where did the week go?? Oh, yeah…

Well, last weekend was kind of an insane blur of food and “celebration” spent with all the diversity that UCSD was able to muster: a bunch of Asians. Thank you, MLK.

I’m totally kidding, I love my Taekwondo peeps, and I’m glad they won their first tri-meet of the season this Saturday in Irvine! Too bad I couldn’t go because I had a job orientation meeting, I really really wanted to compete. I’m finding time conflicts to be a common occurrence in my life lately, and I’ve been having to make some hard decisions. But I digress.

I seriously didn’t stop eating all weekend. Within a span of 2 days 1.5 days  32 hours I proceeded to max out on Korean bbq, dim sum, and sushi, plus some other stuff…what can I say? They feed me, and how am I to say no to such a compelling offer?? WHO am I to say no?? Rude.

All of this “consumption” was surprisingly never derailed by the fact that I still need to make feather-weight for our match against Irvine on February 4th. Oh, accountability…

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